Deep Healing Meditation with Sounds of the Soul and guided by Sheila Z Stirling.

Join us in the valley of Spirit, Come let us open to the healing energies of the angeles.
This 30 minute Meditation is just what is needed to sooth the soul.
Some testimonials...

Dear Sheila,
I feel compelled to share with you, my experience of the guided meditation. Your focus, awareness, and joy of meditating are tangible. Your presence radiates peace, calmness and serenity. I thank you for entering my life.

This meditation is especially moving for me.

As you guide us into the Valley, I felt not only a peace within; I also felt a part of the universe. I felt that all our energies were linked together. I was also able to visualize. You do know that I have had a block with visualizing in meditation. What a wonderful treat, to be able to visualize. During the part of the meditation, that the Golden Energy was showering us with the healing energy, I felt the rain of energy splashing against my body,feeling as if I were being showered with sparkling water. My whole body was tingling. I remember an almost giggly sensation, just like being a child. I even turned up my face to get more.

I felt my heart and my soul being touched with kindness, compassion, warmth and love. It was as if, a part of my pain/grief/defenses/whatever had melted. That touch was so gentle. The touch brought tears. The tears were not my normal tears of weeping. I do not cry or weep gently, actually, it is not a pretty sight. These tears just kept coming and coming in a steady stream. I did not even think to try to stop them, I gave into the process, as completely as I could).

I did not even know just how protected and comfortable my pain was. It has been a part of my being for such a long time. Until, it started to melt. As you were bringing us back, the colors started. The green was a rich, deep, dark, silky green that swirled and almost danced. It was almost like seeing a long lost friend. There was a sense of recognition and joy. My heart smiles at the memory. Little did I know there was yet another gift. The colors blended and kept changing from green to gold. As the colors were rippling upwards, what a wonderful place.

Oh Sheila, since the guided meditation I have been seeing the world through expanded senses. Senses, that have become more aware of the people and the world around. There are even periods of joy, a joy that has eluded me for so long. A joy that is welcomed in every cell of my being. I feel that my prayers are stronger and more focused.

I have never even known what my deep seeded dreams or desires were. Now, I stand a chance of finding out. An unexpected door is opening.Isn’t life wonderful? Gratefully yours,
Josephine Forrester of
Fluid Fitness

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