Mini Book Tour and Trip late 2008

As I drove down 15 and turned off hwy 58 it seemed like I had already gone a long way and yet I knew it was just the beginning. I spent the hours in silence thinking about how blessed my life is. When a thought of worry or fear came in I just took a breath and though about walking in Yosemite. The first picture is the first book store I stopped at in Fresno. It was a great place and what a surprise! As I left the book store it was about 4PM and would be getting dark.. soon..Hmmm Yosemite is only about an hour away. So off I went on my first detour..

I stayed in a small town near by and about 8AM crossed over the boundary of the park...






AHHHH and there it was.. Standing like a giant beacon, How wonderful to be in the crisp cold air of this sacred place. I The sun moving across the valley like a blanket of darkness being pulled back for the light of day. I stopped to put my feet in the freezing river and thought about everyone I know and love and sent a long calming Ahhhh to every one..did you feel it?

I took the back way through old highway 49 to reach Placervill e by nightfall.

Then off to see my family for a week in Northern Calif. They each carved pumpkins very artistic indeed! This is my daughter with my newest grand baby and the first girl grand child.. she is about 14 months and this was her first bite of chocolate.


The town was full of witches and goblins so of course we stopped and had dinner with them.



The Northern Calif sky in the sierra's is breathtaking.....

Now on to Oregon!

the drive was beautiful...When you get up around Mt Shasta the wispy clouds just sit on the mountains.

They move through the valleys like an ocean in motion. It was rainy and misty the whole way. I stopped and stayed with friends in Salem, my first trip to Salem.



.How mystical and beautiful the late October clouds. Hope you are enjoying the virtual trip from Nevada to Washington.




I stayed in Hood river with dear friends and there cats gave us much entertainment.

The giant brick building is one of the largest book stores in the world! it is 5 stories in downtown Portland. You have to be in very good shape to even go there! I parked on the 5th floor parking and NO Elevators!! puff' puff" deep breath.....






On my way back I stopped in Mt Shasta . what a great little mountain town, the leaves were all the colors of late fall.




What a long... Long drive home.... as I was coming into town I saw 5 people jumping from a plane near sandy valley, it was a breezy day and seeing these crazy wonderful people really let me know....I was home again.

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