2010 Astrology Guide

New and Expanded 2010 Edition!
Would your world be enhanced if you knew what energies were raining down from the universe on a daily basis? Would you like to know the pro active secrets to sailing through a retrograde? When would be the best time to start or stop a project, a relationship, an adventure. This and so much more is now here for your benefit and most awesome life.

Retrograde Charts, pro actions, daily moon energy calendar, your Zodiac details with seasons and Celebrations. The formula for your greatest day, month, year ever.
By Sheila Z Stirling


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Includes daily moon energy charts and phases of the moon.
Retrograde dates and ancient remembrances.
"A great tool! I never leave home without it!"

Reading the Language of the Cosmos
is a detailed examination of the astral forces that come in waves of energy, and their effect on us all. True to its title, this book gives an in-depth interpretation of the energies that I define as the “language of the cosmos.”
This book has 156 pages and includes a daily moon chart for the year with astrological and planetary energies that are effecting your behaviors and your choices.

It is amazing to realize that we are all a part of the astral energies. Everyone and everything really is connected. Deep inside, we all know that energy is really everything — life, fulfillment, trees, rocks — are all energy. We know that energy is all around us, within us and that we are one with it. The concept is easily stated, but when we really take it into our hearts and souls that is something altogether different.

The Cosmos is beckoning us to seek the wisdom of this language, to translate it and incorporate it into our everyday lives for our betterment and highest good. By understanding this language, we can only enhance the quality of our lives.

Einstein believed that everything is energy. As he said, “Nothing happens until something moves.” Thus our every thought has an effect on energy, and vice versa. Every thought affects the energy everywhere like a drop of water creating a ripple throughout the universe.

I feel this is so important I will Say it again! Every Thought affects the energy everywhere. As we speak the thought it becomes manifested. I believe that is where the saying “be careful what you wish for” came from. What we put our energy into does manifest. The trick is to be able to consciously put the wonderful and highest self thoughts forward and not some doubtful thoughts that may be lurking underneath.

The epiphany came when I realized that each month we are so genuinely affected by the energies of the planets and constellations. By having knowledge of the astral energies on a daily,weekly and monthly basis and understanding how this interaction affects each of us, we can put our understanding to good use. Using the techniques in this book, we can make the minor adjustments that will bring more joy and fulfillment into our lives and those around us. Reading the Language of the Cosmos is about getting out of our own story enough to understand our own relationship and interaction with the Cosmos.


"Sheila Stirling's book is well written and easy to use. She has given the reader a unique approach to the Astrological-Motivational field. READING THE LANGUAGE OF THE COSMOS is a self-help guide that's a must for anyone who wants to lead a happy and productive life."
-- Lynne Palmer, Astrologer, Author

"Sheila is one of the most talented intuitive's I have met. She has the incredible ability to simplify complex information.... I believe Sheila can certainly help one understand how to recognize the energies and manifest that which is in our highest good as an individual and as a global community."
-- Gena, News Radio 970AM K-NEWS, Las Vegas

"Sheila Stirling uses her love for others and her powerful intuition to bring us the gift of reading the language of the cosmos.... In the Stirling Formula, Sheila has taken very complex esoteric concepts and created an elegantly simple way to apply this ancient knowledge, so everyone can use this material. Brilliant work, Sheila."
-- Elissa MacLachlan, Ph.D., Mh.D., psycho-spiritual counselor

"I believe, whether Sheila realizes it or not, she has been embraced by the divine -- He reveals to her the great wisdom, the eternal truths from which we all can benefit.... Thanks, Sheila, for being such a beautiful transmitter!"
-- Lillian Jennings, CRS, CCIM

"This is not just another astrology book, but a highly inspired and highly specialized treatise on KABBALASTROLOGY in which Sheila Z has integrated Sun and Moon, Macrocosm and Microcosm into a useful guide for daily living. Illustrating cosmic forces with person insights and concrete examples, this book offers each of us insight into how these forces affect our lives, enabling us to utilize them as constructive tool for personal growth while avoiding pitfalls that plague the unwary. Let this book be a Light on your path!"
-- Star Cravingmad, Magician and Astrologer

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