Sounds of the Soul CD

Channeled from the Angelic Realm
2 tracks total 47 min


Open your heart and breathe in the music. Sounds of the Soul was channeled through Sheila Z. It is an interpretation of the God code of creation in collaboration with Gary Stadler of Heartmagic Studios. The sounds and tones are very relaxing and channel directly to the soul. Many have experienced a reconnection with spirit and accelerated healing

Sounds of the Soul is a 47 minute audio CD with delicately spiritual music and vocals that can help you enter the realms of the Divine.

A 60-second free sample of Sounds of the Soul!

Testimonials for the SOUNDS OF THE SOUL Channeled CD

I want you to know what an incredible difference your music "Sounds of the Soul" has been for me and how it has truly affected my life... From the first time I listened with headsets, the multidimensional sounds of your angelic voice, so peacefully saying to me 'spirit eternal within', among other things, has woken up the deepest part of 'SELF' the I AM... When I end my day SOS takes me deep into self and off to universal wonderland, sleeeeeep is so sound- I also listen in the morning for meditation... sets my day off in peace...

I can only touch on what it has done for my deep sense of well being - I have given Sounds of the Soul - SOS with CD players to many friends and family who all love it as well - I believe it can be and is a wonderful instrument for centering and balancing, from the inside out as well as - waking and reconnecting with source, within and universally.

"Sounds of the Soul One" by Sheila Z. has had a profound effect on me. I use it at night to help me fall sleep and for meditation, but it has done much more than that. I suffer with migraine headaches and try to stay away from prescription drugs as much as I can. The very first time I heard "Sounds of the Soul One" the notes soothed me immediately and started to take the edge off my headache. Now at the very first signs of a headache, whether I feel sick to my stomach or have visual signs, I put on Sheila's CD and close my eyes. The beautiful music and her angelic voice have helped me avoid the use of drugs many times and I have been able to resume my normal activities.

I use your lovely music when people come to me for healing. It offers my patients enhanced relaxation as they enter into their healing process in a deep way. I also use your music when I write as it immediately puts me into a sacred space where my writing just flows.

I want to take the time to thank you so very much for what you and your open heart did for me during the healing session you so freely gave of yourself and spirit.....When you took your rock around me to cut all strings, cords, and attachments not for my higher good, I thought this is interesting however instantly I felt a freedom and security I had only one other time known a long time ago. Then you pulled out negative energy and I felt it coming out of the bottoms of my feet and it was you somehow knew exactly where I needed it. Then you began filling me with healing energy and when you came to my left arm it felt like my wrist opened up and my left hand became warm and tingling. I had not even noticed that I had felt disconnected from my injured hand until it opened and the tingling and warmth penetrated into it. I suddenly knew I was loved and tears of joy came down my face. I was connected again to my source, my universe, and my heart was open and that warm feeling of being one and connected and loved swept over me. Unless someone experiences this themselves it is very hard to describe to anyone.

I was just running out the door and said to myself... I can't let another day go by without telling Sheila about the remarkable passing of my Brother in Law in S.D..... When we went to see him April 19th, at that time he was very weak and so close to death I didn't know if he would make it through the day. However, I put on your CD Sounds of the Soul, and began my gift... Bill fell into a very deep restful sleep, he seemed to be quite peaceful. It appeared he was sleeping quite well, so we slipped out without bothering him when we left. .... That very next day we were scheduled to do an overnight trip to go see Bill and I just got the sense Bill was beyond us, so we didn't go and at 7:30 or so that night we got a call that he had passed. The next day Bills wife called us to let us know and wanted to know if she could keep the Sounds of the Soul CD. She proceeded to explain that for the entire time since we left ,Bill had it playing, When she came in some days it was turned up so loud she could hear it down the hall as she entered the building. Bill kept his window opened and she could hear it as she walked up to the building. Needless to say she saw that it gave Bill great relaxation and comfort and she wanted to connect with those days of releasing and acceptance for him and the transition into eternity she felt these sounds helped him to achieve. One more thing, as he entered into the fast breathing stage as he neared death someone had turned down the music where you could hardly hear it, when Bills wife came in she went over and turned it up, she told me that within just a few minutes his breathing slowed down and it appeared his heart quit racing and he became very calm and peaceful. So thank you Sheila for being a willing servant to bring into the lives of the needy the blessing of your song, sounds that give help and hope...

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