Article: Desire verses Inspiration...What's the difference?
You may be saying to yourself at this very minute, "I desire" and in the world of actuality you "inspire" so what is that about?
Just as feelings and emotions differ in origins. This is true of desire and inspiration.

Desire is emotion and does not begin in the heart space, it begins from a place of "I want" Feelings begin in the heat space and so thrives in the realm of actuality.

Emotion tens to be connected to the ego, to the exterior personality. An overlay if you will on a feeling. You may feel as if your desire is real but if you sit and think about it are you looking to be inspired? Our creative force comes from inspiration. The emotion of desire is a perception of the wearer. An expectation unfulfilled.

Our feelings are the culmination of the cellular information that rushes through our system. The information on a cellular level will give the impulses to the heart and brain to create joy and inspiration, and create an open heart or a closed heart. Our feelings come from the deepest part of our being and there are no wrong feelings. No two feelings are the same. Feelings create our deepest form of desires and our transformations.

Desire is our own reaction to our wants in life and are associated with our ego and outside forces.Inspiration is more closely related to the heart and to our highest vision in life . We all have desires and inspirations, to define the feeling and understand the place of origin of each is indeed a sign of emotional and spiritual maturity. An awakened soul embrace inspiration and finds that inspiration in every moment, every breath, feels the miracle of their divinity and walks in that knowingness. Your life is an inspiration... Live it fully...embrace and honor how miraculous you are.

Article: Feeling verses Emotion...Whats the difference?
You may be saying to yourself at this very minute, "Feelings and emotions are the same thing, right?"
Well that would be one perspective, but in the world of actuality that would be not correct. Feelings and emotions differ in origins. Emotion does not begin in the heart space, it begins from a place of fear and lives in your reality. Feelings begin in the heat space and so thrives in the realm of actuality. We may feel happy or sad or grateful or full of loss. It is coming directly from our inner self and is a true expression of the heart. Feeling implies it is an 'inside job'; feeling is the place we want to go to be able to embrace and release the 'pockets of opportunity.' Other wise called "emotional baggage. "Only with true feeling can this be accomplished.
No one can really make us feel a certain way. It comes down to our own perspective that feeds into the heart and a feeling is born. Be it love, sorrow it stems from our perspective of a given situation.
Emotion tens to be connected to the ego, to the exterior personality. An overlay if you will on a feeling. You may say "Oh he or she makes me angry". The truth is the emotion of anger is a perception of the wearer. An expectation unfulfilled.

We react as if some one else has done something to us when in fact it is our own illusion that has us in a reaction. When the ego is bruised, hurt, or pushed in any way, we get emotional. It feels almost like a feeling but it is so very different. Sometimes emotion comes up and we wonder, "Where did that com from?" The answer is usually that long ago, we were unable to deal or cope with a situation, so it was stored in a file, a pocket! And now someone has come into your world, sent by the universe to let you know you are now ready and able to deal with it.
People, places, and things will be brought into your world when the time is right. The opportune moment! The challenge is that most people do not see the opportunity and react with emotion. So guess what? The opportunity will keep on coming up until you finally get it and deal with it.The next time someone makes you mad or sad, stop, close your eyes, and ask where it is truly coming from, and you will get the answer. And the opportunity to explore, embrace, re-pattern honor and release it. The universe just works that way.
Our feelings are the culmination of the cellular information that rushes through our system. The information on a cellular level will give the impulses to the heart and brain to create joy and sorrow, and create an open heart or a closed heart. Our feelings come from the deepest part of our being and there are no wrong feelings. No two feelings are the same. Feelings create our deepest form of desires and our transformations.
Emotions are our own reaction to our feelings, and can be affected by our ego and outside forces. Emotions are more closely related to reactions, while feelings are more closely related to actions. We all have feelings and emotions. How we show up and how we act or react to a given feeling or emotion is a benchmark for where we are in our own consciousness and evolution.

Author: Sheila Z Stirling (c) March 2008 (Partial Excerpt: Intentional Wellness Book)
Open Wisdom Institute
May the sun shine upon you,
and may you be held in the arms of the angels....Blessings dear ones.... Sheila



Are we ready for what comes next?

Here we are, perched on the edge of universal truth. Each and every one of us signed up to be here at this time. We chose the E ticket, you know the one with incredible highs and unthinkable lows. We have been riding the wave of evolution; our whole being awakened and re awakened ever moving towards the oneness of universal truth.

We have been healing and healing and healing. Going through the many doors of consciousness. We have been hooked up, hooked in, spun around, shaken up and shaken down and pulled and expanded all around. We have cried out loud and suffered in silence. We have pushed the very walls of opening dimensions, sought out other realms and galaxies far, far away.

We have become courageous in our body, mind, and spirit. We are the ones that will carry this humanity through and beyond 2012.
(Take a look around for these are the kindred souls we weave the future with, together, in harmony)

Are we really ready for what comes next?
Are we ready to not only explore and communicate with realms that are beyond our physical plane but also be willing to go within our own physical form and communicate with all 100 trillion cells that reside within?

Are we ready to discover lost opportunities, Pockets of Possibilities that were covered up and hidden long ago? Are we ready and willing to once again to reach beyond the human condition and step across the threshold of the illusion and step into the realm of actuality? The place where we communicate directly with the universal flow, directly with source.
Have we been peaking behind the veil enough to know the illusion is just that and our higher sense is the voice of our fully present self, our fulfilled potential, and our divine presence?

So what exactly do we have to do to step into our evolution?

Perhaps by asking the question you are all ready there. Your willingness to go beyond the beyond. You ability and courage to use the tools that enable you to embrace what was and release it, to become what will be.

Certain tones and frequencies will activate strands of DNA that have been waiting for this moment.
We know to communicate with all 100 trillion cells we must travel beyond time and space, what physicists call “hyper space” or “non local.”
In this place you may see and know the blessing in every event. In this place you may be able to feel as the elements feel and you know with certainty that you are being divinely guided. You know that you play a vital role in this evolutionary leap. Like the many pieces of a puzzle being carefully placed one piece after another, then you place that one piece that causes the picture to become clear. We call this the defining piece and it lies right in your hand.
I invite you to spend the day with me and be given the tool that can set you free. It is all up to you…

Sheila Z Stirling

Have you ever felt a swoosh around you? Have you ever been comforted in the deep darkness, you feel like you are not really alone. So, do you think it may have been an angel holding your heart and your hand in a moment of need? Or has there been a time when you have been so elated that you are almost lifted from this earth place. You feel the bliss upon you and in those moments of rapture the tears of joy may fall. How I am grateful for the presence of angels in my life. How about you? So do you believe in angels? Because there are angels, they are always present and every one is always held by angels. Most of the time people do not believe what they cannot see. There have been stories throughout most cultures of angels coming and guiding someone to safety at some point in your life you will encounter something wondrous and beautiful, something you can not explain. We are all divine reflections, each and every one of us. We all have a direct connection to angels; we only need to be open to accepting their existence. Perhaps we are all given the opportunity to be on the angel brigade; perhaps it is our real state of being.

Years ago after a devastating accident I was lost in some very detached and dark dimensions, struggling to find my way back to myself, hanging on moment to moment and one evening as I surrendered to what ever would be in the next few moments I was completely present and in that state of being the angels came to me and wrapped there wings around me. They cradled me as I wept out all that was keeping me from these soaring realms. In that moment of no more moments I found eternity. I know with every fiber of my being that we are all surrounded by angels and we can soar with them.

The music that channeled through me came from that divine realm. Would you like to soar? See how you feel after one minute.? Here is what you can do if you so choose to try this.

First, find a quiet place, even sitting at your desk is fine. Take a couple od deep and cleansing breaths ,relax and think of the most beautiful and peaceful place you have ever been or perhaps a place you are yet to travel to. Breathe in and feel the golden energy of healing and peace. Just be with no expectations. Click the play button below, close your eyes and give yourself this one minute blissful gift. Just allow yourself to be taken into the arms of the angels. Just be.

Get the CD!

Continue to breath in this music…. If it be your will please feel free to email me with your experience. It is a place that is always open for us..

In humble gratitude
Sheila Z

Spring Equinox - On or about March 21 is the spring equinox, It may also mark the first day of the sign of Aries. Also called the Vernal Equinox— an event of cosmic proportion. This is one of the two days of the year when light and darkness are equal. The cosmic balance. This is the day when you can place an egg on its end and it will stand due to the gravitational pull being equal and balanced. Each day from now on, we add one or two minutes of light to our day until the Summer Solstice in the sign of cancer.

Summer Solstice - The first day of the season of summer, June 21, is marked by the first day of the sign of Cancer. This cosmic event, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, is also called “Ostara” by some. The crops are in full bloom and the sun is at its strongest at this time of year. From this point forward we loose about a minute of daylight as we move through the seasons.

The Autumn Equinox - is marked by the first day of the sign of Libra, September 21. The Equinox signifies the great balance, the beginning of Autumn, the first day of the fall season. The last of the harvest has been reaped and is stored for the coming winter months. This begins the long period of the coming darkness of winter, and all of nature makes ready for the Winter Solstice in the sign of Capricorn.

Winter Solstice - The Wheel of the Year has turned again, and we are quickly approaching one of the four quarter days of the year. This year December 21st is the day the Sun is the farthest away from the Northern Hemisphere, and the closest to the Tropic of Cancer. It's the shortest day and the longest night of the year for the Northern hemisphere and marks the date we actually start winter. After this day, the sun gradually returns and brings the northern hemisphere back to light. Winter Solstice has been found as far back as the ancient Egyptians, who believed in a god-man and later, a savior. Osiris died and was entombed on December 21st; the passage reading, " At midnight , the priests emerged from an inner shrine crying, the virgin has brought fourth! The light is waxing and showing an image of a baby to the worshippers. "

In the last 2500 years Yule has had yet another incarnation with the birth and passing of the Christ Child. Once again it is the death and re birth of the light to darkness and to light again. From the day of the solstice forward to light will grow once again and the seasons will make there way around the sacred wheel of life.

Yule, also called Saturnalia, the Long Night, and by most, Christmas.
What ever you know in your heart to be true, You have honored this celestial event and the warm glow of the fire now resides within you as it always has and always will.

Brightest of Blessings as we turn the wheel of life together.

As I awaken this and every morning I give thanks and gratitude for this glorious day. Every moment is an adventure. Have you ever stood and witnessed the rising of the sun? It is a testimonial to this living earth. That we are an intended species. That everything really is connected. As the warmth of the sun fills the body and you know this in your heart. The element of FIRE is our passion for life itself, it is our transformation into our highest self. It is the driving fire in our life's quest.

Have you ever stood out in the rain? Seeing how every plant and tree reaches to the sky for this nurturing drink. The greens turn a bit greener and all of the earth is renewed. As the drops hit our body we know with certainty that we are apart of all of this splendor as our cares and sorrows are washed away. The element of WATER is earths blood. It is our nourishment and our deep emotion. It is the comfort of a soft summer drizzle and the fury of a dazzling summer storm. It is the flow of life itself.

Have you every stood out in the wind? This swooshing force that is the earths communication. It floats the seeds of evolution and is the voice of change for this precious earth. Close your eyes and feel the wind against your skin. Hear the words and the communication that is the wind. The element of AIR is the song of our mother, for she is singing and whispering to us always.

Have you ever stood on the dark rich earth starring up at a majestic sequoia tree? It is a humbling moment when you know this is your brother, your kin. The earth is the manifestation of all that is. It smells like life itself. These great trees are the memories of this earth and when you wrap your arms around them you feel the very vibration of this living and breathing planet. You know with certainty that we are here to protect and nurture all that grows and blossoms. This is the element of EARTH with all of it's wisdom and glory, It invites us to be at one with all that is.

Have you ever climbed to the top of a mountain and lay yourself down on the good ground and star up into the cosmos? How the grace falls upon you as tears of joy run down your checks. You can feel the angels all around you and if you are very still and open your heart you may feel the hand of God on your shoulder, inviting you to this wondrous adventure. It is spirit that encompasses all the elements flows through and around all of the elements. It is the eternal within each of us. It is rapture that is this life, this spiritual adventure that we have agreed to and so our feet are placed upon the good ground and we are, we are, we are as one.

In gratitude and loving every moment of this Spiritual Adventure, The E-ticket of life.

When we think of guides some of us will think as if it is an outside force telling us what to do. Some will think it is them selves guiding there every move. And some people will say there is no evidence that there is guidance at all and still others do not believe in guides at all. Is it that still small voice inside of us? Is it ancient beings watching us from above? Or is it that when we open our hearts and our minds to the fact that we are a part of something so much more, interconnected with all that is. Able to access places and spaces that our beyond our reach and sight. Are there truly ascended ones that slide through the veils when we are in tune with the universe?

Is your higher self really you?

These questions are so much larger that you would initially think they are. The answer is Yes, Yes you are an all encompassing being able to connect and translate images and feeling and sounds from far beyond the world you now know. The evolvement of the soul goes through many stages and many changes. In the course of what is considered a human lifetime, The inner soul may go through hundreds of evolving stages. This is one of the key purposes for the human form. The magnificent blending of the earthly experience and the guidance from that which is beyond serves to up lift the soul to ever-greater expansions. It is so for every living being. All who have taken this human form may touch into that which cannot be seen but felt with the soul. That which you may call divine guidance are words used by your species and know that words are only symbols that allow you to share on the level you are now on and emerging into a time when the inner guidance will be felt and shared on a soul level by all. So is there guidance? Yes of course there is guidance, if you so choose to open to it. It is your free will. We are always here, ever present in your heart and in your mind. Ever seeking the connection that weaves us together into the swirling vortex of the all.

Excerpt from the book, "Meditation Miracles" © Sheila Z Stirling

Meditation is the process and practice of quieting the conscious mind. Why do we want to quiet the mind you might ask. There are several reasons to quiet the mind. My personal favorite is that when we quiet the mind we allow our true inner self to travel to places that are inaccessible to the waking fully conscious mind. When we quiet the mind we open a doorway to the subconscious mind. We can travel to inner worlds as when we are in meditation a portal opens before us and we can step onto a path of discovery. We can access our cellular memory. In this place we can promote healing, not only for the self but for all beings and for our planet. We can access and remember the wisdom of the ages that I believe lies awaiting in each of us.

Through meditation we may attain direct access with our higher self. It is a place where our human souls may meet the divine and connect and reconnect with the spirit of the soul. I know from experience that meditation is a doorway to other dimensions and one can pierce the veil through this practice. Meditation is an ancient practice and like many divine teachings has been handed down from generation to generation . It is a beautiful way to enhance your creative self, find clearer focus and promote a healthier and happier life. Meditation has been an expanding practice whose time I believe has finally come

The Foundation and Practice of Meditation:
As with any healing technique or practice a commitment of will is certainly one of the foundations of meditation. This is a commitment to ones self and ones higher self to keep an open heart and an open mind to the inner wisdom that may come forth. The practice of meditation requires the will and desire to discover that which lies awaiting within. As a healing practice for both the self and others this is a powerful practice. Every human is capable of this practice. Once you have tried this calming and rejuvenating practice you may feel beaconed to continue. Your body may be asking you to listen to that which lies within. Your heart may be waiting to reveal the secrets of the universe and the path way to better health. Your spirit may be calling for you to awaken that which has been asleep. Or you simply might be curious to how meditation can enrich the quality of your life.

So where do you begin? You may choose to begin with meditating on your own or you may choose to find a group that practices healing meditation. Which ever is your will Give yourself a big round of applause for being exactly who and where you are.

Clinical Meditation:
More and more physicians are recommending meditation as a natural prescription for lowering stress, reducing high blood pressure and hastening the healing process. I found it interesting that according to the unabridged version of Webster's dictionary the meaning of the word clinical is “concerned with or based on actual observation and treatment of disease in patients rather than artificial experimentation or theory”. (extremely objective and realistic) Clinical meditation can be guided meditation or simply making the time to breath and quiet the mind and the body and relax for a period of time. Being mindful of your breathing can be considered clinical. For when we quiet the mind and pay attention to the breath we will find that our physical body begins to relax and as this happens the blood pressure will lower . As you breath your way into a meditative state your heart rate may lower along with the pressure on the organs and the blood pressure. It is documented that people who meditate on a regular basis may enjoy less risk of heart attack and it has been found that people who meditate spend much less time in hospitals. So meditation is clearly very good for your health as well as the healing process as we discover we can access our cellular self, I believe that in the future we will see meditation becoming a mainstream practice enhancing medical procedures.

According to the AMA and many medical reports, meditation can help with overall well-being as well as improving specific conditions:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Self-Esteem Issues
  • Insomnia
  • Cancer
  • Immune disorders
  • Pain

Spiritual - If we look at the literal meaning, Webster’s describes Spirit as: “ The breadth of life. The soul. And spiritual as: As or pert to the spirit, like the soul, to sacred things. “ Spiritual is that witch we may not be able to see but it is the core of who we are. When we hear a piece of music that is so beautiful it brings tears to our eyes that is spirit in action. When we comfort a friend with sincere caring and compassion, that is spirit. When all seems to have forsaken us and we stand alone in the darkness and hold on to that small spark of everlasting light that is the core of who we are, that is spirit. To believe and know with certainty that this is only the beginning and that every moment we are given the opportunity to step into our fulfillment, that is spirit. When tears roll down our cheeks with gratitude, and the beauty that is this life, that is spirit. It is all around us, it is within us; it is the essence of who and what we are. It is the reflection of the divine that lives within each living life force, every creature and every living plant has a spiritual connection, a higher purpose flowing through this realm in perfect semi try, perfect timing, the seasons, the tides, the wind and the rain, the warmth of the sun and the sweet earth beneath our feet. In that precious moment when the miracle of life emerges into this world…That is spirit and in that moment we know we are all the reflection of the divine.

Evolution - Once again Webster’s describes this as: “To exhibit or produce by evolution; To become open, disclosed, or developed; unfold” It is the last word of Webster that I would begin. For evolution is the unfolding. We must be open to unfold. As the earth herself grows and changes so each of us have been evolving since the dawn of time. Regardless of how we came to be in this paradise weather it was from the sea to the land, or from a distant place, the moment we became a part of this garden, we began to grow in every way. As we developed we used our free will to ever expand life on this planet. We are expanding now every nanosecond. We reach for the next step in our evolution. I believe we are at an extraordinary time in our evolution. A time of great expansion, new dimensions, new paradigms and a new way of being. Those of us who are answering the call to push into the next level, to soar with the angels and to be the change, to live the change for the betterment of the planet and all who dwell here. That is evolution. To know with certainty that only honor and mutual respect for every living creature and all of nature will we be able to go forth as it is intended. To allow the old way to fall and step into what will be. Step with kindness and compassion, with a heart expanded to encompass all of humanity and all the elements. Now you're talking evolution.

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