Sacred Ceremonies

Fall Equinox
Sept. 24, 2011

6:30 Calico Basin
Off of Charleston
about 2 miles before Red Rock, Calico Basin turn Right and follow the street till it T'es
do not go left into parking lot...GO RIGHT and make a left
on the first street you come to..
comeup street till you see the cars.
Park and you will see us...Take a short hike and breath in the Natural Beauty.
Be part of this ancient way celebration...
Spring Equinox Celebration

Please rsvp for attending.

(Please scroll down to bottom of page, click to make a donation of your choice.
Your donation is honored and appreciated)

Testimonial from Summer Solstice 2010

Blessings Shelia,

I wanted to write to you to express my gratitude for the magnificent Summer Solstice Circle you held last night. It was truly an amazing, majestic, healing, transforming evening! As you cast the circle and called the quarters, the intense loving Mother Earth energy radiated inside of me and it was also visible on the faces of everyone else involved. I have been to Solstice rituals since birth and have had the good fortune of attending these rituals all over the world, from my native Finland to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, and all of Scandinavia, yet the exalted and elevated energy felt at your circle last night will go down as one of my favorites. The energy and spirit flowed through us all and reached into the heavens! The blessings and prayers recited were bewitching, exalted, and left me feeling exhilarated. The arresting and exquisite beauty of the Calico Basin as a back drop made the evening all the more special. Especially appreciated and humbling was the reading of the White Buffalo prayer! As the maiden walked past each of us and anointed us with oil and cleansed us with sage the enormity of the evening, of what we were called together to do, washed over me like a great tide. I do not have the words to express my gratitude other than to offer you my thanks and blessings. You are a gift to us all, a wise and generous conduit, a sage lady, an enlightened being. What an incredible experience, one I shall not soon forget!

Brightest Blessings,
Isabella Johannson

Testimonial from Equinox: Dearest Sheila:
Thanks so much for such an inspiring ritual for the Fall Equinox! Your spirit was so light, in an "en-lightened" way, and you brought to those participating a sense that we were truly in rhythm with Mother Earth, the great Goddess Gaia, as she moves us through the magical cycles of life. You and Areeya worked in such beautiful harmony - your combined energies were infectious as you transported our consciousness back in time. Blessings to the both of you as you continue to honor the most ancient of spiritual experiences, that which puts us in touch with Mother Nature, in whom we find the true essence of all life - the Divine.
Love and light, Carol Ann
Equinox and Solstice information Below ~ Watch for our upcoming events

Scroll down for information and online donation.

Each year as the seasons change and mother earth and all of nature goes through the cycle of life, there are four universal and cosmic points at which we stop, acknowledge and honor what in ancient time was called the turning of the wheel. It is honoring the changing of the seasons in partnership with the cosmos and the celestial bodies. We gather and reenact this sacred ceremony.

Spring Equinox - On or close to March 20th of each year. - This is the time when the day and the night are equal. It is true that at this time the gravitational pull of the earth is so balanced that you can stand an egg up on its end. It is a time when we can become in balance with all that is. We honor this with a gathering and sacred ceremony and celebration.

Summer Solstice - On or close to June 21 each year. - The longest day of the year marks mid summer and from this day forth we loose about 1 minute of daylight each day as we make our way to the Fall season.

Fall Equinox - On or close to September 23 each year. - This day marks the beginning of the Fall season and in ancient times signified the last harvest. It is the time we begin to prepare for the coming winter. It is the beginning of the time of reflection.

Winter Solstice - On or close to December 21 each year. - This day marks when the sun is furthest south. The shortest day of the year. From this time forth we gain a minute of daylight as our great mother earth and all of nature continues the cycle of life, the turning of the great wheel.

The Open Wisdom Institute has a gathering, a sacred ceremony and celebration that is open to all who feel drawn to be there. Watch for dates and locations in our monthly newsletter.

These gatherings are by donation. We appreciate your support and if you can not attend in person we will honor your online donation with the speaking of your name in the sacred circle. Thank You...

This is a great way to have an energy exchange - a love donation without having to carry cash up to Calico Basin.

Your $5.00 - $20.00 donation is welcomed and appreciated.

More in depth information on the Solstices and Equinox

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