Private Healing Sessions

Fall Special: If you have been feeling angry, upset, confused, fearful and not yourself, now is the time to call Sheila Z for a private session: your very first session will have you feeling connected to the place you seek: Understanding your connection to these feelings and emotions is key to having them unravel. For our Fall Special- Emotional Consciousness Sessions will be $95.00 (reg. $225.00). This is a great saving for you, make your appointment today, The time is now and this change is happening now, be prepaired, have the key.
Call me today at: (702) 227.9415

My hands on "Intuitive Touch Healing" sessions will be $85.00 for this time as well.
and includes intuitive reading and acutonics.


Are you seeking support on your journey? Physical, Emotional or Spiritual? Sheila Z, the director of the Open Wisdom Institute is available for private sessions both in person and by phone or Skype. Sheia's love and open compassion gently guide you into clarity and understanding.

The many modalities I have studied and am certificated in are only apart of each session: Reiki Master, Acutonics practitioner, Kinesiology, Meditation and inner soul specialist, Ancient and shamonic wisdom teachings etc. may all be a part of a session but the use of my intuitive skills and the ability to channel divine energy I feel is the most effective tool in my tool box. Although there is no certificate, only a certainty and a knowingness that all who come will be better for the experience. One of my recent channels is the technique I call "ORT" Opportunity Retrieval Technique" this is a profound journey into your own heart and together we pinpoint the seed of that which is holding you back, causing patterns and effecting your choices. Through this technique we are able to clear the trauma from the cells. The effect is immediate and it is the shift we are yearning for. Yes, The time is now to bring greater clarity, balance and inner joy into your life. Most sessions $225.00. Email me to book and appointment.

What others have said about these sessions:

Jan, 2009 - I came to Sheila feeling like I had been psychically attacked, heavy chest and back pain. After the session I can tell you: I am protected and nurtured. My soul, body and being is connected. I can feel my feet anchored to the planet "finally" I feel clean. I am peaceful in my mind and body. My breathing has cleared and my hips feel balanced. My back is free of pain. I feel lighter and know I am loved. I feel happy and hopeful again. Thank you Sheila!

Having a intuitive hands on healing session with you was an incredible journey.... Your Reiki touch was like having someone who could really see and feel my energy and knew how to move and release the denser energies. I went from being fairly stressed to very relaxed and feeling at peace - it feels like you are in an angel realm when you are doing your a healing energy session, truly like you are in tune and care about the whole person on many levels.

I had been feeling pain in the area around my solar plexus for quite awhile. It's been a constant pain, feeling of “fullness” and really annoying. It was at the point sometimes that I really couldn't even eat, I was so uncomfortable.... I had never had Intuitive Touch or Acutonics done on me before and I didn't really think getting some “vibrations” done would do all that much.... Within 36 hours, the pain and discomfort were COMPLETELY gone... I am very familiar with all types of healing methods, but this is the first time I've experienced Sheila Z. For me, it was a miracle.

Each session with Sheila brings new freedom, clarity and relief. A nagging rotator cuff and weakness in my left hand was completely relieved and now I have a calmness and peace in my BEING.

I have experienced the uncomfortable effects of vertigo for the past four years and after this first session it dramatically decreased and stayed gone for days and days! I look forward to our next session...

I had just been involved in a serious car accident that knocked me unconscious, knocked the wind out of me, bruising my rib cage and internal organs, as well as having the air bag totally burn the skin entirely off of my left hand from the nitrous oxide that it lets out upon exploding..... Since my burn showed no signs of even trying to scab or heal I was grateful to accept your generous offer of a healing session.This most wonderful appointment that a Doctor could never offer. I arrived at your home, a little hesitate and instantly you made me feel safe and comfortable. When you took your rock around me to cut all strings, cords, and attachments not for my higher good... instantly I felt a freedom and security I had only [known] one other time..... I had not even noticed that I had felt disconnected from my injured hand until it opened and the tingling and warmth penetrated into it..... When I returned to the Doctor for my check up, he removed the white glove I was wearing for protection and was amazed. He could not believe his eyes... It was healed. Completely healed with no scabs or scars. Words can never express my gratitude to you for the work you do. Thank you from the deepest part of my being for being who you are and using the gifts you have developed to help me and all the other you will help.

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This Amazing CD has shown to balance Brain Function!
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This Amazing CD has shown to balance Brain Function!
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